MindShaper is an interactive mental health service provider that surrounds a full-spectrum mental health conditions and solutions. Our main priority is to enhance positive thinking and individual strength. Because we believe that by ensuring positive thinking and personal capability, an individual can contribute more in communal level and achieve success in every sphere of life.

Making the world a better place by just a phone call

Our foremost priority is to ensure our client’s satisfaction by understanding their problems. We always try our best to be there when our clients need us. Our intention is to work really hard every day to make MindShaper, the most humanitarian approach based mental health service provider where each client’s needs are understood, attended and nurtured apart from their socioeconomic status.







If I can do, You can too.

MindShaper provides predominantly psychological service, along with other mental health services that offers excellent visibility with mental issues of all types of people. MindShaper helps our users to realize the actual value of life. Our value-added services include consultation, face to face or online counselling service, personal/individual counselling, couple counselling, workshops, trainings, child – adolescent counselling and meditation and yoga classes.

Either we say it out loud or not, all of us to some extent, suffer from some mental health conditions. We have a severe misconception that mental health literally means mental sickness. In our every stage of life we go through anxiety, stress or crippling depression. As per World Health Organization (WHO, 2001), nearly 450 million people all over the world suffer from mental and behavioral disorders. Thereby, we can assume that in Bangladesh it is more difficult to even address the whole critical scenario due to customary knowledge based culture and stigma.

What makes MindShaper different?

Our moral value makes us different from others. We work to change the vision of our society. Because in our community, many educated people also believe that people behave abnormally because of the presence of genes. There is no more difficult task than bringing someone back from this belief.

If we cannot overcome superstition, the cure for mental illness will not be possible in any way. But it is also true that war against this superstition cannot be declared. Awareness needs to be raised for this. Besides, proper treatment should be arranged by identifying the disease. If we fail to do so, the same situation will remain after ten years.