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Mindshaper is an Online and Offline based Individual and Corporate mental health service platform.

After you join, we will coordinate you to an accessible guide who accommodates your targets, inclinations, and the kind of issues you are managing. Various instructors have various methodologies and regions of center, so it's critical to locate the ideal individual who can accomplish the best outcomes for you. We have discovered that we can give a fruitful match more often than not; nonetheless, on the off chance that you start the procedure and you feel your advocate is certifiably not a solid match for you, you may choose to be coordinated to an alternate guide.

Mentors on Mindshaper are authorized, prepared, experienced, and certify analysts (PhD/PsyD), marriage and family advisors (LMFT), clinical social specialists (LCSW/LMSW), or authorized proficient mentors (LPC). Every one of them have a Master’s Degree or a Doctorate Degree in their field. They have been qualified and ensured by their state's proficient board after effectively finishing the essential instruction, tests, preparing and practice. While their experience, skill and foundation shift, they all have in any event 3 years and 2,000 hours of hands-on understanding.

Our group guarantees that each counsellor we bring to the stage is completely authorized and on favorable terms. Suppliers who apply are required to give legitimate licensure documentation, verification of character, and references from other authorized professionals who have worked with them. We at that point cross-check their licensure data with their separate state permitting board

Notwithstanding checking qualifications, every potential supplier needs to finish a contextual investigation test by an authorized clinician and be assessed in a video meet. The consequence of this thorough 4-multi week process is that just about 15% of the specialists who apply to work through Mindshaper are acknowledged to the stage.

We likewise show the full permitting data for every supplier to make it simple for you to do your own due industriousness on your guide.

Mindshaper might be directly for you in case you're hoping to improve an amazing nature. At whatever point there is whatever meddles with your joy or keeps you from accomplishing your objectives, we might have the option to help. We likewise have instructors who are worked in explicit issues, for example, stress, nervousness, connections, child rearing, despondency, addictions, eating, resting, injury, outrage, family clashes, LGBT matters, pain, religion, confidence and that's just the beginning.

The cost of counselling through Mindshaper ranges from 500tk to 1500tk per week. You can cancel your membership at any time for any reason.

The experts who work through Mindshaper are authorized and credentialed specialists who were ensured by their state's board to give treatment and advising. Be that as it may, while the administration may have comparative advantages, it's not equipped for filling in for customary up close and personal treatment for each situation. If it's not too much trouble note that your supplier won't have the option to make any official finding, to satisfy any court arrange or endorse medicine.

It by and large takes around 24 hours to be coordinated with an advisor, and on certain events may take somewhat longer contingent upon which capabilities and ability you lean toward in a guide.

You can get guiding in four different ways:

Sending messages with your counsellor

Talking live with your counsellor

Talking via phone with your counsellor

Video conferencing with your counsellor

You can utilize various ways at various occasions as you wish, in light of your needs, accessibility, and comfort.

When you are coordinated to a guide, you and your instructor will get a devoted "room", which will be your private and secure spot to convey. In this room, you will expound on yourself, the things going on in your life, pose inquiries and talk about the issues that inconvenience you. Your advisor will at that point read your messages, and react with questions, criticism, bits of knowledge, and direction.

You can send messages with your counsellor whenever, from anyplace, utilizing any Internet-associated gadget. The room is open all day, every day and since informing isn't continuously it doesn't require booking. Rather, you can pick at whatever point you need to compose or react to your instructor. You will get a notice by email when the counsellor has sent you a message.

You will now and again need to have a book discussion with your counsellor continuously. Along these lines you can in any case appreciate the accommodation and security of informing yet additionally appreciate a "live" connection that permits moment reaction and input from your instructor.

To have a live talk meeting, you will initially need to plan a period with your instructor. At the planned time, sign in to your record to begin composing and visiting with your counsellor.

Telephone meetings are an extraordinary method to advantageously talk with your guide by just utilizing your landline or wireless, regardless of where you are.

To converse with your advisor via telephone, you should plan a period with your instructor and sign in to your directing room around then. The advisor will incite you to begin the telephone meeting and the framework will approach you for your telephone number. The framework will at that point call you at that number and interface you with your guide to begin the telephone meeting. If it's not too much trouble note that the telephone number, you enter won't be imparted to the instructor.

You can likewise have a video meeting with your guide where you see one another and talk with one another in a virtual up close and personal setting (like Skype).

To converse with your instructor by means of video, you should plan a period with your counsellor and sign in to your directing room around then. Your advisor will at that point brief you to begin the video meeting. After you affirm, you will promptly start video visiting with your instructor.

Truly. You can generally login to your record and read all the guide's messages to you. This may help you in reflecting and recalling a portion of the direction and info that you got. This is one of the fundamental favorable circumstances of e-advising.

This relies upon your requirements and fluctuates a great deal starting with one individual then onto the next. A few people feel they get the greater part of the incentive after only half a month, while others like to adhere to the program for an all-encompassing timeframe. This is totally up to you.

Your participation installments will be charged to a credit card on a repetitive premise. On the off chance that you achieve your objectives or on the off chance that you find web based advising with Mindshaper to not, at this point be useful in any capacity whatsoever, you can basically drop the membership.

The administration is given by free suppliers who work legitimately with you. These suppliers are not workers of Minshaper and the site doesn't direct them expertly. Our central goal is to fabricate, keep up, and bolster a stage that lets clients and counsellors impart adequately, and to encourage this channel so they can benefit from their collaboration.

There are numerous examinations that affirm the adequacy of the online vehicle for making life changes. Our trust in the stage comes principally from the criticism and tributes we get from clients. Consistently we are eager to get notification from more individuals about the manner in which this administration helped them roll out an enormous improvement in their lives.

We are completely fixated on making sure about your security and classification. We have assembled a cutting edge innovation, activity, and foundation in view of a certain something: securing your protection and shielding the data you give. Our protection and secrecy gauges are by a long shot further developed than what is legally necessary or guidelines, so you can have a sense of security and agreeable.

At the point when you join we don't approach you for your complete name or contact data. You may pick any "moniker" which will distinguish you in the framework. At the point when you choose to begin the advising procedure, we will approach you for crisis contact data which is remained careful in the framework so it tends to be utilized if your guide accepts that you or another person may be at serious risk.

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Mental illness, also called mental health disorders, refers to a wide range of mental health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior. Examples of mental illness include depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders and addictive behaviors.

One in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide.

Events that evoke feelings of loss or damage are most likely to cause a mental disorder to develop in an individual. Environmental factors include but are not limited to dysfunctional home life, poor relationships with others, substance abuse, not meeting social expectations, low self-esteem and poverty.

Long-lasting sadness or irritability.

Extremely high and low moods.

Excessive fear, worry, or anxiety.

Social withdrawal.

Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits

With early diagnosis and treatment, many people fully recover from their mental illness or can manage their symptoms. Although some people become disabled because of a chronic or severe mental illness, many others are able to live full and productive lives.

Individual therapy.

Group therapy.

Family therapy.

Support groups.

Intensive outpatient care.

Partial hospitalization.

Psychiatric medications and outpatient medical management

The person should support the sick person as much as possible

Good mental health can also positively physical health by improving sleeping habits, the immune system and lower pain levels. Having your mental health treated can also improve your productivity, allowing you to focus on daily tasks and give you the motivation to get things done in a timely manner.

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If you are facing any mental illness problem, then our counsellors will help you to figure out the problem and counsel you to get rid of that problem.

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