Why are there new prescriber joining every day?

Reliable Job

Choose your cases and patients according to your specialization and comfort zone. We offer guaranteed income and additional bonuses if the particular therapist shows commitment, eligibility, sincerity and above all loyalty.

Flexible Work Hours

Involve in your work with clients as per your convenient time and place.

Immediate Involvement

Right after applying you can immediately work with your clients after considerable matches.

Internship Opportunity

We offer excellent opportunity for Internships for undergraduate and graduate students with unpaid and even paid facilities if proven eligible.

How to Apply?

Fill-Up an Application

After verifying your application we’ll send you a confirmation email.

Attend One to One

After considerable selection process you might need to attend a one-to-one interview with us.

Prepare to serve our clients

If you are qualified and approved by the authority, you will need to prepare for providing for our clients as per their needs and preferences on daily/weekly/monthly basis services (when applicable).

Your Eligibility

To be part of our MindShaper team,
you will need to have the following eligibility: -

  • A five-year MBBS degree from a renowned medical college, recognized by the General Medical Council.
  • A two-year foundation program of general training.
  • Three years of core training in psychiatry.
  • Three years of training in a specialty.
  • One year of residential training.

Note: MindShaper therapists only work with clients in the state(s) where they are licensed and allowed to practice independently